I'm Jack the Old Fuck! I draw lewdz, gay and straight. Also developing a game.

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JackOfak's News

Posted by JackOfak - April 20th, 2022

Who cares about round numbers? I just want to say THANK YOU to all my followers! :D




Posted by JackOfak - January 12th, 2022

Where's new content you may ask? Worries not, it's being worked on. I just spend whole holydays completely rewriting the "story" for my little game, Pumpkin valley in woods, working title. I noticed the workflow quickly turns to shit if I write as I draw stuff, it's just doesn't work for me. So I dedicated time to complete 99% (always leave 1% to small corrections) of the Plot and some amount of mundane assets. Well, in the end, almost 5k words, ~24k symbols, ~500 lines. Now I need someone who will proofread it...

( -‿-)





Posted by JackOfak - December 30th, 2021

You may notice the lack of updates lately. I'm not dead))) business is a bitch and the end of the year is contributing to it - have to close some contracts and working extra time.

This is part of the reason it was this year I decided to try to make some living out of my art. I'm not satisfied with my wage and some extra change is really-really helpful.

Honestly speaking, I decided to invest my time in gamedev primarily because this field promises the most revenue. Although it is obviously the most difficult medium to pull off and my current experience tells me exactly that. This is HARD! But I am determined and there's no way back now. Either I work for hand-to-mouth salary or invest my time and effort to become a developer, preferably a dev team :D


Also in this year I created Patreon and Subscribestar accounts. Not very much success in this endeavor, except one very generous patron and I am happy to have that :)


Tried making commissions. Not a bad experience I should say! But I way more interested in Patreon/Subscribestar model, because although comms kinda fun and immediately paying off, they cutting my free time I want to invest in main projects and people want to use PayPal and I hate PayPal. Besides, not much people want to commission me, so, meh :P


This year was pretty productive, at least on my terms. I made dozens of pictures, a little comics, Sylvia animation, some commissions, started developing a game and determined to make more!

I'm hit 500+ on Newgrounds, and 200+ on both Furaffinity and Inkbunny. After just several months I gained 100+ followers on twitter which is also fine but I'm still don't feel myself comfortable there :0


Still in search of my style. It is all over the place, but I don't want to come back to vector-based art. My goal is to find some middle ground between speed and quality, with emphasis on speed, because I need to produce a significant amount of material for the game and comics. I'm not a "single, very fine piece of art" person anyway, but based on my observations, high-speed low-render art requires a very good line art, which is not my strongest side. Practice is the only way -___-)


Writing takes time. Yeah, I know, shocking right?) Especially then you're not a native Eng speaker. But it is what it is. And, unfortunately, it sometimes go in conflict with art. I scrapped completely my first version of While and Roady comics because there's basically wasn't any comprehensive story. Same with the Pumpkin Valley in Woods. But now I got it!)

Also I finished the core story for the big Sonic project I called [b]"Mojo Fate"[/b] and I like it very much. Although can't even vaguely predict then you should expect alpha-version and I still didn't come up with desirable gameplay mechanics. I like how A Space For The Unbound looks, maybe something similar? Pure VN is an easiest way but I want something more engaging >:)


Loads of writing and my illiteracy slowly pushes me to inevitable - the need of a proof-reader. I have nothing to offer, well, I mean financially, but I can exchange that service for my art, I guess.

Also I have no idea how to scout such companion, because I don't want this person to spoil my writings, or scam me or waste time on arguing or anything. Maybe I should look somewhere in writing communities or something, what do you guys think? :B


In conclusion, this year was a blast to me. Never in my life I generated so much content. But the hardest part is in the future - next year will test my determination and ability to turn my labor investment into a living :'D

Anyway, huge THANX to all my followers and I hope you'll have a wonderful holidays! Good luck! :D



Posted by JackOfak - December 21st, 2021

Thank you guys! :D


Posted by JackOfak - October 12th, 2021


Alright it's time for an update on my little game project I ingeniously called Pumpkin valley in woods. I'm a bit stalled at this because it is legitimately hard to work on prolonged project and keep it in pace, especially then you do it on your own, paying it with your free time and without a sign of a light in the end of the tunnel. While doing it, you're quickly run out of cool elements you enjoy and get crushed by elements what are necessary but you don't have incentive to do. It's like to run a car without gas, yeah, you don't run it, you push it, up the hill. Something like that.

Anyway, I made some progress in rewriting the script, making new art and some animations. Most importantly - now I know how it should look like. First iteration was just an interactive gallery without much sense.


As you can see, there isn't much visible progress but there is more understanding. I'm afraid to predict the release date but aiming to finish it before 2022.



Posted by JackOfak - October 2nd, 2021




Posted by JackOfak - September 27th, 2021

Alright people, this is my apex, will not get any higher than that, ever...


To be frank, this year already shows that I'm more productive that ever. 42 art uploads (here), one complete animation, commissions, a couple of smut comic stories and a little game in development(and a big one in the planning stage ;) ). And we still have 3 months to come! I feel like something starts to click :D



Posted by JackOfak - August 28th, 2021

I did a meme xD check this shit out


NG probably gonna ban me because of soundtrack, I post it on my twitter page



Posted by JackOfak - August 20th, 2021


Welp, I have a confession to make - I made a twitter account lol. Guess that day has come. I tried to avoid that place but it's where the most traffic goes in regard of NSFW art and other content. And I need traffic because I planning to invest in my projects more and then the day will come - harvest some fruits of my labor :D

Follow me here https://twitter.com/jackofakr if you dare.

Now excuse me for I need to piggyback some high profile accounts to gain some sweet-sweet likes and retweets :)


Posted by JackOfak - August 10th, 2021

I wish to share some stuff with you guys but it's still too early.

Also got stuck in some irl stuff so it will be delays on my schedule... eh :(