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Posted by JackOfak - June 22nd, 2018

Ok, some people have a problem with playability of my game. I have a three different browsers and, in my experience, most games and interactive subjects workable at least in one of them, some projects just wont work anyway.
Overall, I can't solve you're problem, BUT, I can try to narrow it down in future projects. For that I need to know which operating system are you running(type, release, x32/x64 platform, etc) and browser(name, version). Most of my concerns is on browser plugins. And please, describe the problems, i.e. you see the loading but that's it, or you see red menu but can't click on buttons, or you see just blank screen...
Leave this info in comments to this news.

The only feasible advices I can give is to download a different browser, leave it barebone, and try your problem subjects in it. Also - you can try use web-anonymizers, sometimes they shift obstacles from provider's side.

UPD: downloadable video-rip https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/download/119e719fcb9c142422c075d04611e0b1


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windows, 64, google chrome(latest), no plugins. i can see the frog girl looking back at me next to a headphone icon that bobs up and down. i can hear music play from the game and it even pauses when i click away.

hmmm... thats totally weird. So you can't see navigation buttons? Try to push "Ctrl" button and scroll the mouse wheel, it will change the scale of the screen - buttons are located on the right side. Also I recommend to try another browser.
In any case - I updated the top message so you can download a videorip.

@troopaloop same here, except I see the nav < and > but clicking doesn't seem to do anything

I think I have a theory what's happened. Not completely sure(wild guess more likely), but definitely gonna look at the subject next time. Thanx for reply.

@troopaloop @JackOfak no i can see the buttons. i just cant click them. scrolling does nothing to make the game work. ive used firefox, edge, and ie. none work. but it is fine because i can watch the video you posted and i just want to say that it looks GREAT! keep up the good work

jeez, thanks man X)
glad it worked out in a some way