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nice moves :)


lold :D

Don't listen her boi, take your time.


Oof! A pumpkin!

*looking at those two*

Tbh I can understand feelings of those people, but also I understand the futility of trying to limit the use or lewdisation of anything you put in the internet. Is it useful or virtuous to curse the clouds when it rains? Not to mention - prohibition only increase the Streisand effect. I'll say - let the internet be the internet. It's an adult game, you knew it then you started to play it.
P.S. The art is awesome :D
Yea, I agree with what you saying. Probably the only way for art-community to move forward is to stop being afraid of those types of individuals and, for a good measure, anybody else. Do what you do. I'm sure the wast majority of authors can distinguish legit criticism from intervention of nutjobs and fringe ideologies. Like literally 0.01% of all people ruin the party for every body else. I don't want to be afraid of somebodies fragile feelings, I want to have fun :D

Wolftang responds:

((pardon the large body of text, it's for passers-by if they want to read it aswell. Also might have gone on a tangent too haha))

That's fair enough lad, I do know what I'm getting myself into haha!

I just find it so bloody perplexing that people on the internet get super serious about this stuff. Especially 'pin up imagery' of all things too! It's so vanilla in the NSFW scene. Believe me... I've seen worse of what this character (Fran) has been drawn in....

I never had a serious mentality towards this stuff, nor do I ever want to harm or purposely ruin peoples lives because of a flippen' drawing... but when someone called, I don't know... fuckin'...'Captain USA freedom' or 'Sweetshota daddy55' puffing up their chest and talking to me like a mug telling me "I'm A sICk FuCK LOLOLOLOLOL!!!". How do I take that seriously haha? It's just so daft! I know it's the internet... of course, what is anyone supposed to expect? But at the same time, there is no harm in airing my thoughts out or slapping back on some people like that.

When folks like that give me flak over a dumb drawing like this one, I'll sometimes draw it again to piss them off. (I'm just a twat like that haha... don't do what I do folks)
I never liked the whole idea of "you better not draw that specific character tut tut tut because I stan that character!". To me, that's utter nonsense. I never understood why people will put random fictional characters on a podium like that. to me, those people come off as 'white knights' or 'Twitter stans', It's like... what is their end game exactly? You know haha?.
I find it to be absolutely frivolous to go out of ones way to tell an artist/ nsfw artist "they can't do that!!", "You didn't get permission UWU!", "Ewieeee you drew bewbs lol lol lol!!".... Like really? It's like, what do they want? Me hanging upside down with my electric cock cage turned up to 11 while 'Silvergoblin36' is getting pats on the back and crunching wine coolers in celebration that they slew the foul Wolftang beast?? Haha... I don't know man, it's silliness to me.

The thing is I'll draw anything I see on the internet, that's it...I don't care about the character's lore, their background, who or what they are supposed to be as a character... I'm not interested in that, just the 'visual aspect'. Now, the only thing preventing me from making this type of work would be if it was 'first stated otherwise to NOT make raunchy artwork of a character' or 'if the creator contacts me to take it down'. Not these fuckin' goofballs who want a bloody badge of honor. This is what I find so silly.

The internet's never going to change.... I like it that way, even if it is a pain in the ass.

Apologies for treating your comment like an interview question haha. Regardless though, I appreciate both the comment and compliment. Many thanks dude! :)

Er... decipher of the "42" answer, please :)

Shad should have teach her some trigger safety first xD

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